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Term Paper IQ Test Cultural Bias Outline

Tuesday, Oct. 19th 2010

A term paper IQ test cultural bias outline is a written plan of action that brainstorms how you will go about writing on this topic. The purpose of an outline is to sort out the writing progression of a term paper in a systematic and orderly fashion.

Once you have written a term paper IQ test cultural bias outline, you will notice that the final task of writing the fair draft will be far simpler. This is because you have already pre-planned what you intend to write on and explain in the term paper.

Below you will find a comprehensive term paper IQ test cultural bias outline that can be used to create a well rounded and balanced term paper on iq test cultural bias. This term paper IQ test cultural bias outline can also serve as a guideline to create your own plan if you use the points, details and structure mentioned in this version of a term paper iq test cultural bias outline.

Pay close attention to the format and progression of this term paper IQ test cultural bias outline. Notice that it starts from a specific angle and then expands the topic into broader elements and tackles each with a paragraph on its own.

  • Start by stating your thesis statement. A thesis statement is a short to the point sentence that depicts your stance on the topic, whether you are in agreement or disagreement with it
  • For instance, you can state whether cultural biasness exists or does not exist in IQ tests.
  • Move on to defining what exactly test bias is. According to Cleary (1968), test bias occurs when “the criterion score predicted from the common regression line is consistently too high or too low for members of the subgroup.”
  • Present information, data and evidence that support your thesis statement.
  • This data can be in the form of statistics, extracts, clippings, quotations, studies and any tangible evidence.
  • You may use the internet, library, class lectures, interviews or text books to create subject matter and research material for your term paper iq test cultural bias outline.
  • Begin the analysis of the researched material. The analysis is the important part as the findings are meaningless if they are not interpreted. Your goal is to interpret data in a way that it adds value to your term paper thesis statement.
  • Develop a conclusion by reiterating your thesis statement and findings that complement each other.

This is a comprehensive and detailed term paper IQ test cultural bias outline that you can use in your own term paper writing.

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