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Term Paper Help on Dorothy Day

Friday, Nov. 4th 2011

The following start up points have been gathered from scratch to give you term paper help on Dorothy Day.
A figure from history is only talked about in contemporary world for his/her work in a particular field or towards a certain group to uplift their existing condition. Dorothy Day was one of those characters who made her place in history because of hard work and determination to set goals and fulfill them successfully. She was a social activist, American journalist and was an advocate of Catholic Economic Theory known as Distributism. Her efforts to form the Catholic Worker Movement with Peter Maurin, was one of his best works to be remembered till today, which initiated and continued to collect aid for under-privileged and poor in a nonviolent manner.

Belonging to a strong, patriotic middle class family, Day was able to follow her parent’s footsteps to gain such fame throughout her life. She was highly influenced by the supporter of anarchist communism, Peter Kropotkin to organize the society. She changed her mind during a scholarship program while studying in University of Illinois, and after two years decided to live in New York. She started to support herself on her own and became independent instead of relying on her father.

Among her best achievements comes the Socialist Publications of The Call, The Masses and The Liberator and she considered herself a pacifist about the class war. Her contributions in pro-women movements and antiwar movements are famous till the time. Day was able to share her life through her semi-autobiography, The Eleventh Virgin in 1924, later with her regret to write the book and her agnostic temperament she changed herself after giving birth to her daughter. She then was diverted towards spiritual awakening which eventually made her embrace the Catholicism.

In 1927, she joined church and in 1952 wrote another autobiography named The Long Loneliness, in which she draw attention towards her first confession after Baptism and on the very same day she got communion. Her Catholic publications include writing for America, the magazine and Commonweal.

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