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Term Paper For Communicating Skills For Marketing

Thursday, Dec. 30th 2010

Marketing is the life blood of any commercial organization, and good or bad marketing could make or break any organization including the fortunes of a company, and the careers of personnel involved in marketing.  Marketing is defined as the commercial procedure for selling goods or services.

In your term paper for communicating skills for marketing, highlight the benefits obtained from effective communication and the successes and heights to which good communication can take a person, or the wrecking of a product or the person’s career because he/she has not learnt the art of coherent communication skills. Apart from advancing a person’s career meaningful communication can pay rich dividends in a person’s personal life.

Nest in your term paper for communicating skills for marketing; cite examples of successful marketing people, and the communication skills they adopted for success. The required information is easily available on the Internet.  Log on to the company’s newsletter where they provide information about the employees of the month/quarter or year.

Then in your term paper for communicating skills for marketing, explain how without effective communication a product or service may be misunderstood and be denied success.  The product or service may be the best available, but poor presentation because of poor communication may result in disaster for it. Communication here means that the consumer receive and understand messages exactly as you need them to. Do not think that the consumer has the time or the inclination to read in between the lines, or understand abstract subtle advertising.  The message has to be exact and very clear with absolutely no ambiguity.

Next in your custom term paper for communicating skills for marketing, define the two types of communication, i.e. verbal and non verbal. Verbal communication would be your oral presentation of a product or service, the language you use, the way you speak, the tone and the volume of your voice, whether it is overbearing, harsh or too loud, or is it just the tone, pleasant to hear, and whether the facts that you are presenting can be easily understood. Non verbal communication entails first and foremost the packaging of the products you are marketing, the way you dress, your posture, your level of confidence.

In concluding your term paper for communicating skills for marketing, ascertain that proper communication would result in an attentive, interested and sympathetic audience who can give invaluable feedback that will add to your experiences, or maybe correct any assumption that you entertain regarding the product you may be promoting. If your audience do not like the way you communicate, they may decide not to buy your product, or avail your services without so much as saying a word, because they might feel that you are overconfident, and that their feedback of advice may be wasted.

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