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Term Paper about Soccer

Tuesday, Jul. 20th 2010

A tem paper is an in-depth essay that attempts to cover a related aspect of the course studied during the semester. Students are required to display their understanding of the course by researching, analyzing and presenting the chosen term paper topic.

A term paper about soccer is going to be fun to write on since soccer is a world renowned sport watched by millions of fans. Furthermore, there is a lot of content available since the sport is now a multi- billion dollar industry. This article helps in guiding students on how to write a term paper about soccer.

First you must decide on what aspect of soccer you want to write on, since the topic is vast, you must select a niche to create a focused direction. As a writer, you can discuss the sport itself, the industry or how the game has evolved over the years.

If you choose to write about the sport itself, you can turn your term paper into an informative one by briefing the reader on how the sport is played. On the other hand, if you decide to write about the soccer industry, then you have a lot to choose from.  You can discuss the media aspect, economic aspect, investment aspect, clubs, tournaments, coverage, and so on.

The soccer industry is a worldwide industry which has brought in investment and employment opportunities for various countries. Soccer equipment such as attire, shoes, cleats, soccer balls, goal posts, practice gear and the like are mass produced with care and precision generating income and investment world over.

To add a personal touch to your term paper about soccer, you can talk about your favorite soccer club, be it Manchester United, Barcelona or A.C. Milan. Perhaps you could talk about the team’s skill level or research their performance. Either way, an enthusiast will appreciate your work.

Moreover, you can critique the market for football stars and the exorbitant contracts they demand. Whether it’s justified or absurd is up to you to defend or attack in your term paper about soccer.

The point is that you must stick to one aspect of the sport from start to finish. Develop an argument around it to state your stance and defend it with the following paragraphs. You can choose to provide statistical evidence to re-enforce your reasoning and support your thesis statement.

Before submitting your term paper about soccer, make sure you give it a structure to create a flow for the reader. Proof read it with a fresh set of eyes before submission.

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