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Saturday, Apr. 3rd 2010

I’ve been studying for many years now, and I’m proud to say I’ve worked my way up to a PHD! It’s been a long haul, and it’s taken a great deal of hard work, but over the years I’ve learnt how to really make the most of my study time. I know there are people out there who want to achieve, and have the ability to achieve – so I’ve compiled a list of great revision tips that might just make the difference between getting good grades, and getting great grades! 1. Break study up into small periods of time. Scientifically, we humans can produce our best concentrated effort over a fairly short period of time. We can take more information in over a period of about twenty minutes. So try to take a break every twenty minutes or so, even if it just means having a quick wander up and down the dorm’!

2. Study your previous work, and trade notes with classmates. Sometimes it’s great to get a different perspective on the exam you are working up to. I’d suggest having a read through some of your term papers and then perhaps trading research papers with a fellow student. You’ll both benefit from seeing someone else’s viewpoint.

3. Keep Hydrated. The brain needs fluid to operate to it’s full capacity, and beinmg only slightly dehydrated can reduce your performance. Always have a fresh glass of water handy when you are studying.

4. Plan effectively. It’s no use just sitting down to your desk without a plan of how you are going to study. You will soon find yourself flitting from one area of revision to another and this is not a beneficial way to learn.  I would advise you to spend one or two hours breaking your subject down into manageable chunks and working through these methodically.

5. Ask for help wherever you can get it. I’ve always thought it is important to make the most of your resources. It is common sense that this includes any work you’ve completed throughout your course such as class notes and paper writing, but your resources don’t stop there. As I mentioned before, your class mates are a great resource. Your local library will almost certainly have literature relevant to your exam that you haven’t seen. The internet is a giant resource, where you will be able to source articles, past exam papers, free research papers, and online help from people with a passion for you subject. Remember to make the most of what you can find and search out knowledge!

I hope this list is helpful to some, sticking to these rules has certainly helped me over the years, and most importantly of all – good luck!

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