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Supporting Term Paper with Facts and Figures

Saturday, May. 15th 2010

Term paper is actually a research paper, which demands sufficient research and knowledge before writing. Writing a term paper needs extremely sharp and technical writing skills. No matters, what is the topic of your term paper; it is started with a confident statement, supported with facts and figures and ended up on a well-persuaded conclusion.

As far as support of your topic is considered, nothing is better than analytic facts and figures.  They are considered best in performance to convince the audience. Though, it needs great effort to search them but they are the most supportive points in the whole text. Your term paper grabs readers’ attention by these facts and figures. Let’s take an example of term paper having the topic “Increased risk of childhood obesity in Americans.” It will be most acceptable by the reader when you support it through the statistical analytic figures from any reliable resource (CDC or WHO etc.)

For instance, in this case if you state the figure like the ratio of childhood obesity is increased up to 15% in the last decade or you state that according to WHO childhood obesity is significantly increasing in Americans during the past decade. It will make your term paper more persuasive.

These figures and facts are the most supporting information in your text. But, be careful to state them, as they need proper citation for their approval. Try to search them from reliable data resources and ask your teacher for their approval. It’s a common experience that when we read something, analytical facts and figures are more attractive and convincing for us, despite of writer’s personal opinion.

Another benefit of addition of these facts and figures in your college term paper is their contribution in your good grade. They show your dedication, interest and indulgence in your topic. This effort will not hide from your instructor. He will obviously admire it and you have a better opportunity to get excellent grades.

Do research to find the facts and figures and mention them in your term paper with accurate citation. Illustrate your term paper with supporting and eye-catching information to persuade your reader.

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