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Steps To Writing a Term Paper on The Causes of Unrest in Ireland

Thursday, Mar. 17th 2011

In order to write a successful term paper on the causes of unrest in Ireland you must first know what those causes are. You must know why the revolt is still going on. What are the major causes of the unrest? Who are responsible for the unrest? What can be done to restore everything back to normal? These are all pretty important questions that you need to answer in your term paper on the causes of unrest in Ireland. But don’t worry as I have given some steps to writing a term paper on the causes of unrest in Ireland.

You must carefully read these steps to writing a term paper on the causes of unrest in Ireland as I have given very important tips and guidelines. So, first all you would have to give an overview of how this unrest began in the first place. You must write an introduction which should explain all the events that took place which led to the Irish unrest. For example, it was 400 years ago that all the people started settling in the north east part of Ireland from Scotland. This was an attempt to colonize the island and make those people British.

Ireland was officially made part of the UK when a parliament which protestants could join and no one else, passed the act of making Ireland a part of UK. Of all the population only 10% of the people were Protestants in Ireland. Ireland fought to get its freedom and was granted freedom but only on one condition which was that the other 6 counties of Northern Ireland would stay within the UK.

The country was split in to two, Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland. Southern Ireland was a self governing territory which was ruled over by King George. Southern Ireland never really took off and the leaders their declared it to be a republic. Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, the 6 counties were not a 100 percent British and protestant, they was a majority of Irish people still living. So these groups started to wage wars against each other in which thousands were killed.

In 1970, which is considered the worst of times, there was a three way war waged on the streets of Ireland which involved the IRA, the army and the loyalists. The residents and the bystanders told local police and media that there were hundreds of men killed and imprisoned for crimes against the state.

So these were some of the causes that led to the unrest in Ireland. I hope these steps to writing a term paper on the causes of unrest in Ireland come in handy for you in order to write a good term paper.

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