Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal Paper

15/04/11 6:50 AM

The first step to writing a grant proposal paper is to locate a grant to apply for. Contrary to popular beliefs, grants are not just floating around waiting to be had. Finding the right grant that your proposal could qualify for is just the first step. Use the Internet, Foundation Directory, or Grant Select available in the local library.

Concentrate on grants that relate to your organization and then fill in the grant application. This is the part where most grant seekers fail. Read very carefully the instructions which have to be followed if you want your proposal to be accepted. To be original or to deviate even a little from the given directions will disqualify your application without   being even read.

Next step to writing a grant proposal paper is to make sure that you are applying for funds which have been allocated for. Do not assume that because the trustees have a lot of money, they will fund just anything. The fund givers are specific in what they would like to give the grant for and they will not deviate from their category. You might have the best plan for old people but if they plan to give for children, they will not even consider your plan. So be very sure as to what you are applying for.

Start writing your proposal with just one paragraph declaring the salient features of strong points of your proposal. Clearly define: who you are what your project is and how much money you are asking for.  This gives the bigger picture. The rest is just filling in the details.

Most grant proposals require almost same details although with different formats. Start by writing your ideas to be polished off later. Start answering the questions and if you get stuck on any one question, go on to the next for some time.  Use their guidelines for clues. After completion, review the summary to be sure that it reflects your proposal. Your ideas might have changed. Proof read everything to avoid submitting a proposal with careless mistakes that can easily be avoided.

In the next step to writing a grant proposal paper, add  other required materials such as: Project Budget which should be realistic on expenditure. Assure them that their money will be wisely spent. Include additional material citing previous successes and provide supporting documents. Always submit requisite documents like audit or financial report, letter of tax exemption, a list of the board of directors etc. Make it easy for them to say yes by assuring them that your project matches their guidelines and follows directions exactly.  The authorities receive innumerable proposals. Make sure that yours is the one which they prefer to fund.

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