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Steps in Writing a Thesis Paper

Wednesday, Mar. 30th 2011

Thesis paper is based on analysis, research and investigation on a certain topic which is compiled by students during their academic career. There are few steps in writing a thesis paper which assist students to come up with an informative thesis. You will follow each step correctly and recheck time to time to avoid errors.

The process of thesis starts with a topic which is either assigned by the teacher or students have to select them through brainstorming. The topic should be controversial, interesting and able to grab reader’s attention. Teachers usually ask students for topics which are not worked on before, in order to make them pick a new issue.  It is therefore upon students how they go about doing justice to writing thesis.

After formulating a statement or hypothesis on which further work will be done, you will start reading books and journals on the topic. These books will help you to note down some points which will facilitate in justifying your thesis. You will use these points as headings when writing the body of the paper which is a long and tiring process for students.

Start your thesis with writing the statement, then introduction of the topic and finally headings and sub-headings to prove your statement with essential information. A thesis has page limit provided by the teacher which has to be followed in any case. You have to complete your work within that given limit with the appropriate information supporting your statement.

You will follow the steps in writing a thesis paper to make it worth reading for the reader. These steps will help you get your work paid-off with good grades by hard work and dedication. Students usually get nervous while writing a thesis but these guidelines will make them sure of their accurate work.

The outline for thesis will be followed till the end. Write an abstract which will give a brief summary of information about the topic. An abstract is written to make the reader know what the thesis is all about and what areas of topic will be covered. Next step would be to write the body of paper which will have all the information about statement.

In the body of paper the material will be added on the basis of investigation with references as end notes. These references should be given on every page along with material. You will add the author’s name, year of publication, publisher’s name, page number and title of the books or journal.

You can also give citations of websites in your thesis. Finally, following steps in writing a thesis paper, write a conclusion which is the gist of your thesis and should have your own analysis of the issue.

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