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Steps for Writing Research Paper

Wednesday, Sep. 15th 2010

A research paper is a literary piece of work that engages a student to analyze a particular area of study or course and come with their own findings and evaluations. Typically it may be a requirement for a degree course and is obligatory to be submitted before the end of the semester. Students need to take particular care about the steps for writing research paper, as this is your original piece of study and reflects on your understanding of the particular course, adding to their final grade. Let us now go over a few steps for writing research paper that will guarantee a good grade.

  1. If a topic is not assigned o you, carefully select a topic that interest you the most. It is important as it keeps you focused and lets you finish your work in time. It is an added benefit, is your selected topic is of interest to your teacher and is in line with your career as well.
  2. Now conduct a literature review and find out if your selected topic is already been covered by another researcher. If your topic has secondary work and you’re finding it difficult to come up with an original work, conduct research to develop ideas to add to the previous work.
  3. If no one is else is working on the same topic, conduct research to get familiarize with range of study and ensure that you have enough information to include in your research paper. You may conduct your research through, books, newspapers, magazine, journals, articles, internet websites, and other investigative sources that are both reliable and comprehensive. Now use the relevant research material to prepare a rough draft of your original essay.
  4. Next step for writing research paper is to formulate a thesis statement. This will be presented in the introductory paragraph and briefly outlines what the research paper is going to be about.
  5. The foremost step for writing a research paper is to develop a strategy to how to about the entire research paper. Before you start writing take all your study material and select only relevant and reliable information and organize it add it in your paper. The idea is to plan where each research material will fit in your essay and the overall argumentations of your case.

Mentioned above are essential steps for writing research paper and will help you start off on your paper. You should be able to write a thorough research paper following the typical essay structure that is introduction, body and conclusion. In addition, cite any references that you use in your research paper to avoid plagiarism charges.

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