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Steps For Writing a Research Paper

Friday, Nov. 12th 2010

A research paper is assigned to examine a student’s ability to comprehend and explore a subject or related material. Often students find it difficult to go about the research paper and seek help from teachers and colleagues. This article aims to provide a few steps for writing a research paper.

1.       The first step is to select an interesting and relevant topic. If a topic is already assigned to you, you should conduct an opening research to get comfortable with the topic.

2.       From this research you will understand the scope and the range of the topic. This way you can select a sub-category related to the topic and target your research paper to address that specific issue.

3.       Now that you have chosen a niche, you should concentrate on the studied material to prepare a thesis statement. This will show the intent of your research paper and explain the problems focused in the essay.

4.        After formulating the thesis statement, adjust your research to collect only the information that is in compliance with your thesis statement. This is necessary to avoid wasting time researching other areas.

5.       Next comes the time to write the research paper. You should initiate by preparing a rough draft of your entire essay. This will include organizing the research material and planning about how to present the information to support your thesis statement. This is one the most important steps for writing a research paper, as this function as an essential outline which you can look at if you lose direction.

6.       Now you should write the introduction. You will state the thesis statement and briefly explain the main points or the crucial arguments to instigate curiosity in the reader. This is particularly important to hold the reader to read more.

7.       The main body should be made of at least three paragraphs with each section discussing a separate aspect of the topic. You need to be careful that each unique argument is relevant to the topic and reinforce the thesis statement.

8.       Your conclusion should be very strong and influential. It should contain a convincing feel with you findings presented in a way as to support or reject the thesis statement.

9.       At the end, make sure to cite any references and other work that you included in your research paper.

10.   Nothing depresses the reader and the examiner more than stupid mistakes in your essay.  Therefore, always proof read your work before submission and ensure that you have included the necessary steps for writing a research paper.

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