Step by Step How to Write a Research Paper

10/05/11 8:02 AM

Have you been given a task to write a research paper and are feeling lost as to where to start the process? We are here with the answers. We are going to give you a brief but detailed plan on step by step how to write a research paper.

Writing a research paper can be a very lengthy and time consuming project. So first make a sketch of your step by step plan. Select a topic and start from there.

Topic selection might be a tricky point if you have not been given a specific research statement by your professor or tutor. If the job of topic selection has been left to you, make sure you make the most of it by following three simple tips: select a topic with high public/market interest, make sure it has enough research material and data to authentically prove your statement and lastly, is beneficial to society or a particular industry in some way. By following these steps, you have successfully completed an important task.

Next on our step by step how to write a research paper is the demanding job of researching the material for your paper. It is demanding in a sense that it takes more than half of your thesis timeline to research and gather the material. If the material or data that you’ve gathered is not sufficient to prove your thesis statement, the authenticity of your research paper will be at stake. So make sure that you’re looking in the right places for the right stuff.

The data that you have gathered should decide your research methodology and type of data analysis for your research paper. Everything should complement everything else. Your data should support your statement. Your statement must interpret your data successfully.

Now when the technologies involved in the research itself have been finalized, start writing your paper. First step towards writing a research paper is introduction. Think of your introduction as a pyramid. Start with a background, overview, and broader terms and keep narrowing it down till it proves that you had sufficient reason to do your research on this specific topic.

The next part is the body of the paper. This is your home ground. Take full advantage of the freedom of opinion you can express in this part. You just need to make sure that your every opinion, argument and view is backed by a solid wall of proven facts. You can cite as many sources as you want in this part. You can even give links to online material.

Conclusion is the last part of a research paper. It is the essence of your research. This is the part where you eventually prove your point.  It should be the answer to your thesis statement.

These were the few necessary tips on step by step how to write a research paper. Use these simple steps and the end result will delight you.

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