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Standard Format of Term Paper Writing

Friday, Jan. 21st 2011

The universal size for a standard format of term paper writing size is 8 ½ X 11 inches. It is always better to use white paper, and write on one side only. You must leave margins on either side, and at the top and the bottom. The spaces should be 1” ten typed spaces. However page numbers are written differently. They are placed ½ “from the top upper right hand corner, and flushed with the right margin.

When describing a standard format of term paper writing, type the title page of your paper with your name, the name of your teacher, the title of the course and the date which is supposed to be in the centre.  Each entry should be written on a separate line.

Write a brief summary of the term paper contents, and the abstract must be written in its own page. The outline that you prepare is going to be your guide, because here you have to write down all the points that you are going to discuss in your term paper.

In the standard format of term paper writing it basically helps you if you stay with the points that you need to emphasize, and develop your thesis accordingly. This paper can be revised and restructured if you need to add more material or ideas, or delete redundant words, chapter or phrases.

The page number must be written in the upper right hand corner of each page. Although the title page does not have a number, it must be included in the total counting of the pages, and the page after the tile page is generally marked “2”.

In standard format of term paper writing, make an evaluation of the material that will form the paper. Next divide the material into separate groups, and give a name to each group. The names will serve as heading and sub-headings in your outline.

The standard format of term paper writing, irrespective of the subject must first have an introduction that will acquaint the reader and the thesis and what the paper is about. This is followed by the body, which must include the; history of the problem and/or past attempts at solutions. Who has been affected by the problem? What has faced  the impact of the problem? And the extent of the problem. In last write if there are any solutions or potential solutions to the problem.

Sometime your teacher/instructor specifies their own requirements for the standard format of term paper writing, but you must try and follow the standard rules wherever applicable and possible.

Your standard format of term paper writing should be written with a title page, paper abstract, table of contents, and list of illustrations, footnotes, bibliography and index.

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