Silly Grammatical Mistakes

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People consider writing a difficult task, as grammatical mistakes are the common error they are scared of. To some extent, grammatical mistakes are ignored but when it comes to your essay writing and term papers; checking flawless grammar becomes a difficult task.

Let’s have a brief discussion on some common grammatical mistakes below:

1- It’s vs It

Generally, apostrophes are used for possessions that are to claim anyone’s exact words. For example, “I am going to the market.”

But apostrophes are also used to replace omitted words and to convert them into short form or abbreviations. For example, It is vs It’s, do not vs don’t, have not vs haven’t.

This way It’s is used as a possessive pronoun. It gives the sentence a worth as well as shortens the sentence. For example, “It’s burning.”

2- Incorrect formation

The formation of the sentence is the writer’s worst nightmare. It takes too much of time for a writer if he is stuck between identifying the formation of a sentence.

It’s simple! Define the topic first. Keep the sentences short. Make sure that the formation is either subject, helping verb and object or vice versa. It depends on the prominence of your sentence which is either the subject or the object.

Make sure you don’t write incomplete and complex sentences. For examples “Stay tuned to us” is an incomplete sentence. Here you need to define and mention the name of the source for which you want the readers to stay tuned to. For example “Stay tuned to LogoJiffy.”

Complex sentences include the formation of the subject and the object. For example, “Running in line, our teacher said we will get the prize.” Here the formation of your sentence is wrong. “Our teacher said, we will get the prize by running in line.” This sentence is in the correct formation.

Include the modifying clause right next to the object or the subject you intend to describe.

3- Using I, Me and Myself

Using I, Me and Myself seems to be complex for some writers.

“I” is used under the influence of the subject.

“Me” is used in the specification with the object only.

Myself is a reflexive pronoun. It is used in the sentences with “I” as well as “Me” when you are referring yourself in the sentence. For example, “I myself made the dinner.”

My and I can also be used in the same single sentence. For example, “I and My friends are hanging out late tonight.”

4- Lie vs Lay

Lie and Lay having similar meaning and pronunciation seem to be a common mistake of a writer.

First, let’s understand the present and past tense of these two words.

Lie and Lay (present and past)

Lay and Laid (present and past)

When using lie or lay in the sentence, you always choose lay. It’s because it gives a perfect present formation on the sentence. For example, “I am going to lay down for a little while.”

5-Using Irregular verbs

There is a complete list of irregular verbs. Remembering every word is not possible but still using these words with the proper formation is also necessary. For example,

Eat, eating, ate

Throw, throwing, threw

But, not every word has “ing”, “ew” or “ed” formation. For example,

Broadcast cannot be changed into broadcasted.

This is how “ed” in every word is not necessarily right and every writer should be aware of these irregular verbs formation.

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