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Scientific Term Paper

Saturday, Jul. 17th 2010

Scientific term paper is challenging to write, it is quite different from other types of term papers. Its focal intention is to deliver recent information. Unlike humanities papers, in scientific term papers, the author has to research, investigate or review some scientific issue. The author writes; the whole design, experiment and result of conducted research.

A well-written scientific paper must explain a scientist’s motivation regarding a particular research, the experimental procedure carried out, the outcome of that experiment, and the conclusion in view of the experimental results.

Writing a scientific term paper can be simple for you if you are familiar with the proper strategy for it.

Step 1:

Determine the theme of your scientific term paper. Whether you want to review on the former researches or want to conduct a new research. Conducting a new research in a short semester is difficult, so most of the time students prefer to write reviews.

Step 2:

Prior to writing, research deeply and thoroughly on the topic via internet or physical libraries. Try to get maximum information concerning the topic. There are lots of researches conducted every day globally, you should select and research the ones which are the most recent and convincing.

Step 3:

Now, choose a title. Make the title explicit enough which describes and encircles the entire contents of your scientific paper, but do not make it so technical that only specialists or scientists can understand it. The title should be specific, comprehensive as well as attractive for the intended audience e.g. “Bad effects of smoking on students’ “academic performance.”  You can also reflect the result in your title like, “Research shows that students who smoke have lower academic ranks.”

Step 4:

Organize your writing with an outline. Scientific term paper usually follows a different pattern than other. It must have following sections; abstract, introduction, materials or methods, observations, results, discussion and bibliography.

Step 5:

Now, do a comprehensive review of the researched material, select the useful one that should be used in writing. Then, write a comprehensive introduction, a common organization of the introduction is that it should move from general to specific.

Create a comprehensive methods section, in case of the original experiment; clear the method which you used in this experiment.

Represent observation in front of your readers with the help of tables, graphs and figures. This will be appealing for them.

Now analyze the results of your experiment or review. Write a discussion on your own interpretation in light of the research.

Step 6:

Do proper citation throughout the scientific term paper. Follow strictly the pattern suggested, APA in case of scientific term paper, in citation and bibliography. Your research paper appeals best, if it has appropriate bibliography.

If you follow these 6 steps, you will have an overwhelming writing experience, definitely.

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