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Sample Term Taper Using APA 5.0 Format

02/07/10 11:11 AM

Sample term paper using APA 5.0 format must studied by a student but if he/she isn’t aware about the proper format, how can he/she write correctly. This APA 5.0 format is a list of standard guidelines, which prevent common errors that most of the students do in their writing. If they follow these guidelines, they can get good grades in exams.

APA 5.0 format benefits a reader and writer both, if followed properly. This APA format makes easier to locate the resources from where the information is collected in term paper. Second, it also helps the teacher to analyze a students performance according to the guidelines.

General Document Guidelines

  1. Text Font Type and size: Times New Roman in 12 font size.
  2. Margins: One inch margin on all sides (left, right, top, bottom)
  3. Standard Line Spacing: There should be double-spacing in between lines of the whole term paper.
  4. Standard Paragraph Indentation: It should have 5-7 spaces from the left margin.
  5. Spacing after any Punctuation: It is recommended that Space once after commas, semicolons, colons, while insert two spaces at the end of the sentence.
  6. Pagination: Page numbers should appear at the right edge one inch from the page.
  7. Order of Pages: The order of pages include Title Page, Abstract page, Body, citation or References, Footnotes, Tables, Figures and  Appendixes
  8. Standard Running Head: It is s a short title which appears at the top of all pages of a term paper.

Title Page guidelines

  1. Basic instructions: Title page should be the first page of the term paper; Title should be in the centre of page in title case.
  2. Standard Key Elements: These include; Running head in left alignment then author(s) name, institutional affiliation(s) and author note. Arrangement is as author’s name follows the title, which will be followed by Institutional affiliation then the authors note.


Abstract is the second page. The abstract should be of one-paragraph and a summary of the term paper. Its standard word limit is in between 150 -250 words.


It is the third page has two types of headings. 1) Main headings (such as  Method, Results, Discussion and References), they are boldface, centered,  uppercase and lowercase letters 2) Subheadings (such as Apparatus, Participants, and Procedure in main heading of method), they are boldface, flush left, uppercase and lowercase letters

Text citations:

Source material in the body must be cited in parenthesis citing author(s) name and date(s) of the source publication.


  1. It should be just after the body page.
  2. Entries should organize alphabetically with surnames of author.
  3. It posses authors name (surnames and initials), date and year of publication in parenthesis, then the source reference (title of the book or title of periodicals, volume number and date of publication in case of newspapers). Title should be in italics.
  4. In case of web resource mention complete URL with date of access
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