Sample Term Paper Topics for International Conflicts

24/09/10 11:50 AM

Every student tries to write on a term paper topic which is fresh, motivating, trouble-free and marks gaining.  Students also try to write on a topic which has material to research and write on. International conflicts are the topics which can demonstrate your capabilities to research, write and represent. People also like this topic to read in order to get useful knowledge about the international issues.

When you are going to write a term paper on international conflicts, it will be too wide to fulfill in short term paper word count, so you should try to select a topic which is as narrow as possible. In this article, we are going to give you sample term papers topics for international conflicts. You can choose one from them or can select on your own, if you want to select by yourself; you should be careful that;

  • The topic must be recent or one can say burning question of the era.
  • The topic should be one, on which you have enough knowledge to write.
  • The topic should be narrow.
  • The topic should be in favor of your targeted audience.

All sample topics term paper international conflicts, which are listed here are selected by considering these 4 points.

International Conflict is an actual or perceived opposition of values, needs, and interests among the nations. A conflict can be religious, social, economical, cultural or political etc. In international political terms, “conflict” may refer to revolutions or other struggles at higher level wars, which involve the use of army among nations.

Sample topics term paper international conflicts can be divided in to following categories; historical, political, economic, religious and organizational.

  • Spiritual terrorism modification
  • Non-humanitarian policies of US for war
  • Internal conflict in Burma
  • National security regimen of US
  • Arab Israel conflict
  • Revolutionary steps for freedom in countries
  • U.S. led invasion of Iraq
  • Bosnia and Kosovo threat
  • Islamic and communist Insurgency
  • The Cold War
  • Crude oil dispute
  • Crab wars
  • Insurgency in the Maghreb
  • Balochistan conflict
  • Yemeni al-Qaeda crackdown
  • South Thailand insurgency

All these sample topics term paper international conflicts have enough material to write on. If you explore them diligently and write them according to the term paper guidelines in proper format, you will surely be able to produce a well-admired piece of writing.

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