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Sample Term Paper on Domestic Violence


A good term paper is the one, which is non-plagiarized, informative and grammatically correct. When you are assigned to write a term paper on domestic violence you should emphasize to describe the following majors with appropriate grammar, what is meant by domestic violence? How it affects inter-personal relationships? What are its types? How can a society control on it? How to identify and prevent it?

Domestic violence means an abusive behavior of an individual or both partners in an intimate relationship such as marriage, family, friends or coworkers. This abusive behavior, may be of different type; physical, emotional, sexual, economic or psychological. These are threatening actions which influence violently to the other person and can frighten, terrorize, intimidate, manipulate, humiliate, hurt, blame or injure him.

A good term paper on domestic violence also describes society’s examples. It also determines the list of the most affected people by domestic violence, like clerks, children, underprivileged people, women etc.

A good term paper on domestic violence also determines that no one can escape with the bad effects domestic violence; these activities encircle the entire society. It can be found in any race, age, religion or gender and people from all educational and socioeconomic backgrounds can engage in it.

An excellent research paper on domestic violence determines how you identify the victims of domestic violence, because in most of the cases one can’t realize it at initial level.

You are a victim of domestic violence, if your partner insults and criticizes you continually, if he/she threatens you, if he/she punishes you severely, pressurizes you to perform sexual acts etc.

This is why it is important to identify that you are a victim of domestic violence, because once you identify you can get rid of it.

Although, the domestic violence is a crime but at initial level it can be prevented through proper counseling of the aggressive person, if you feel that one of your office colleague, sibling or friend has strong depression, or feeling of jealousy or psychological problem which can lead to strong aggressive acts, suggest him to the psychiatrist to prevent violence at early stage.

Another element that a term paper on domestic violence should also demonstrate is how to prevent it. If you are facing any of such problems, it means that you are in an abusive relationship. You should call the National Domestic Violence Hotline or ask your local domestic violence center to help you, in an emergency situation.

A term paper on domestic violence having information regarding types, stages, preventive measures and help-line numbers will surely be delightful among readers and teachers.

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