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Rules for Writing Persuasive Paper

Wednesday, Apr. 13th 2011

A persuasive paper is a form of writing which involves convincing your audience to a specific point of view. If your instructor has assigned you the task of writing a persuasive paper then instead of procrastinating it, you must learn some rules to write it. These rules will not only help you in writing your persuasive paper but will also develop your writing skills.

If you want to learn the most crucial rules for writing a persuasive paper then you must read this article.

Most students leave their assignment of persuasive research paper writing in the midst because they do not find enough evidences to support their arguments. If you have also endured this situation in the past or wish to avoid this situation in the future then you should select an appropriate topic after doing sufficient research. Selecting a suitable topic is the most important rule for writing a persuasive paper.

When searching for the topic of your persuasive paper you must consider several factors. You must ensure that you have sufficient evidences on hand in order to support your arguments. A persuasive paper requires you to support your arguments on the basis of facts and evidences instead of beliefs and opinions only. Therefore you must do enough research in order to gather evidences.

The second important rule for writing a persuasive paper is to do extensive reading. Try to explore as much reading material as you can find related to your topic. Do not decide at the beginning that which side of a topic you will support unless you have understood and explored both the sides.

Explaining both sides of a topic is one of the rules for writing persuasive papers. After explaining both the sides, you can support any one of them by providing evidences. A persuasive paper is divided into three parts; an introduction, body and conclusion.

An introduction is the first part of a persuasive paper. In this part, you will give an overview of your topic. You should also explain the various reasons of choosing this topic for writing a research paper. Since an introduction is the first part of your persuasive paper which will be read by your audience therefore try to make this part more impressive than the others.

The introduction of a persuasive paper is followed by the body and conclusion. In the body, you will support your arguments and convince your audience to your point of view. Give evidences in the form of facts and figures in order to support your arguments. Explain both sides of a topic in the body along with their good and bad points.

In the end, present a conclusion. Make a very precise conclusion so that it becomes easier for your audience to form a specific point of view about a topic. After writing your persuasive college paper, you should proof read it. Make sure that you have followed these rules for writing a persuasive paper throughout.

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