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Research Paper Writing on the Chernobyl Disaster

Wednesday, Feb. 23rd 2011

The Chernobyl Disaster was a nuclear accident which is considered as the worst accident of the nuclear history. This accident took place on 26th April, 1986 in Ukraine. This article will give you help with research paper writing on the Chernobyl Disaster.

Your research on the Chernobyl Disaster will be an exploratory research. You will explore that how, why and when the Chernobyl disaster occurred. Start your research paper with an introduction of the disaster. Describe the purpose of doing research on the Chernobyl disaster. Discuss the significance and scope of your study.

After the introduction, you will give a preview of other researches in the literature review section of your research paper. Gather data from different books, newspapers, articles, surveys and different scientific researches. In the literature review section, give a brief history of how this accident took place.  Describe the causes of the Chernobyl disaster. Include those facts and numbers that describe the loss of lives that occurred in this accident.

Describe the physical and psychological effects of the Chernobyl disaster. Discuss various fatal diseases caused by that accident. According to a study, Chernobyl disaster has increased  the prevalence Thyroid Cancer. This disease is caused by radioactive iodine. You may also include other diseases caused by this disaster. You will find information of these diseases from researches and surveys conducted by medical research laboratories. These information resources will give you help with research paper writing on the chernobyl disaster.

Include researches which highlight countries and communities affected by that disaster. Describe how the international cooperation was helpful in dealing with the disaster and its outcomes. Mention the role of international assistance in rehabilitation of affected areas and people.

After the literature review, describe the methodology for your research. You may choose quantitative or qualitative research methodology. You will collect data through questionnaires if you are opting for a quantitative research design. In case of a qualitative research design you will collect data through focus group discussions and interviews.

After collecting data the next step is data analysis. Data analysis process will generate results and findings. If you have chosen quantitative research design your findings will be in the form of numbers and figures that will describe the extent and causalities in the Chernobyl disaster. In a qualitative research design your findings will be in the form of discussions amongst people on the Chernobyl disaster. These discussions and interviews will explore how this disaster took place and what were its consequences.

In the end give reference of sources from where you have gathered data. You may follow APA, MLA or Chicago style for formatting your research paper. Therefore in order to write a research paper on the Chernobyl disaster, this article will assist you. It will give you help with research paper writing on the Chernobyl Disaster.

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