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Research Paper Writing on 3 Different Interpretations of Green Marketing

Tuesday, Mar. 22nd 2011

For research paper writing help on 3 different interpretations of green marketing, I suggest you stay by defining green marketing as marketing of products that are said to be environmentally safe. This includes many activities like product modification, changes in the production methods, using recycled board or paper for packaging as well as different forms of advertising.

People are now aware of the damages that chemicals and industrial gases are causing to the environment and upsetting the ecological balance. They are now switching to products that do not use chemicals like fertilizers to increase food production or preservatives that will ensure the useful shelf life of food. This is one way of implementing green marketing by consuming food that is grown with natural organic fertilizers that sustain the natural ecological balance of the earth.

By burning organic material and fossil fuels like coal, petroleum products releases carbon that has been stored in the solid part of the earth’s crust for millions of years.  Carbon is released into the atmosphere by vehicle emissions and emissions caused by industrial units. There are unlimited applications for geothermal generation of power, which can be an important tool of green marketing.

The second part for research paper writing help on 3 different interpretations of green marketing would be giving customers Carbon Free consumer products. By reducing carbon emissions where possible and offsetting remaining emissions you will: increase sales, improve loyalty, strengthen environmental goals and make your product distinct and different from other products.

Paper and board are manufactured from wood, which is converted into pulp for making paper and board. Paper and board can be made from the wood of almost all trees, both softwood and hardwood. Trees such as pine, spruce, cedar, fir, larch, Douglas-fir, hemlock, cypress redwood and the yew tree all make paper.  By recycling already used paper and board, the ecology is preserved because that means that a certain number of trees are saved from destruction and not cut down.

Trees are an essential part of the ecological system because they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They also prevent soil erosion, which can result in dangerous mudslides when it rains.

The third part for research paper writing help on 3 different interpretations of green marketing will be advertising. Green marketing would be using the power of advertising to help people in making environmental friendly choices. Advertising can influence product development to meet the need for environment friendly products and sustainable business methods.

As concerns for the environment grow, we have witnessed changes being adhered to in devices and organizations are quickly and effectively streamlining production methods, or have intentions to introduce green products in future which in effect would reduce global warming.

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