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Research Paper Writing Guidelines

Wednesday, Nov. 24th 2010

The objective of writing a research paper is to deliver information in an effective manner. All of the students have to present research paper at the end of each year. Most of the students think that writing a research paper is really tough.  Writing research paper requires that students should follow proper guidelines and organized their task. Many books are available to teach students regarding research paper guidelines. It is important for students to follow these term paper writing guidelines. Because of research paper guidelines, writing a research paper is no more a difficult task for students.

Following are research paper writing guidelines:


Students should effectively gather information. They should utilize all the resources such as newspaper, magazines, books, internet for gathering information.

Students should make notes and note down the page number, book name and author’s name. This strategy will help them a lot to keep the track of their information.


Students should draft the outline of their research paper. They should sort the information according to the outline of their research paper.


Introduction of the research paper should be impressive. The introduction of the research paper should be captivating. Students should start their research paper describing briefly and interestingly regarding the topic. Students can start their research paper by depicting a scenario or a famous saying or a relevant stunning finding.


In the body of a research paper students should deeply discuss the topic and all the relevant information regarding it. Students should make sure to write all the relevant research, facts and finding regarding the topic. Students should support their view points through stunning facts and authenticated information. Students should discuss each aspect of their topic in separate paragraph. They should completely clear all the confusions of the reader.

The best strategy of writing a research paper is that students should suppose themselves as a reader. Student should prepare set of questions and should fully try to answer these questions in their research paper.


In conclusion students should emphasize on all the key points of the topic.

Above mentioned research paper guidelines will really be helpful for students to write the best research paper.

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