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Research Paper Tips For Karl Marx’s Idea of a Stateless Society

Friday, Feb. 4th 2011

Karl Marx’s idea of a stateless society was known as pure form of communism. The concept of a stateless society evolved in the post-capitalist stage which depicted that it would result only from efficient use and allocation of productive resources.

The idea was of a society that is not governed by a state. In stateless societies, there is little concentration of authority and most positions of authority that do exist are very limited in power. These societies are highly variable in economic organization and cultural practices.

Research paper tips for Karl Marx’s idea of a stateless society includes a step by step procedure. You need to start by giving an account of Karl Marx and his contributions towards theoretical works, social sciences, economics, history, philosophy and people. This will help you broaden the spectrum of your research.

Next, you should define the famous idea or concept proposed by Karl Marx that was of a stateless society. After this, it is necessary for you to list down your research objectives. These shall include why you intend to conduct research and your aim to achieve from this research.

Further more you need to highlight the key economists, policy makers and bureaucrats who have supported or criticized the concept of a stateless society. This will help you understand the stance of this concept and is it really applicable in modern era. You will also learn methodologies of how an economic system is adopted and homework that needs to be done before proposing a concept or theory.

Research paper tips for Karl Marx’s idea of a stateless society also include detailed description of theories proposed by economists of that time such as; Adam Smith, Keynesian theory and concept of socialism. This will give an insight or help you differentiate from Karl Marx’s idea.

In the later stage of your research paper, it is mandatory for you to provide a research methodology. This shall describe the methodology used in collecting the information and why a particular method is to be used.

It is also necessary for you to define the scope of your primary data research. Economists, political analysts and lecturers shall be selected for interviews and the format should be clarified before.

Research paper tips for Karl Marx’s idea of a stateless society shall be concluded by writing your conclusion in a convincing manner, highlighting your critique or applause for the concept of a stateless society. Provide a bibliography of all sources of information used.

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