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Research Paper on Teenage Pregnancy


If you have decided to write a research paper on teenage pregnancy, there are certain questions that you will have to answer. Some significant ones include:

1) What is the approximate number of girls who go through this situation ever year and have to therefore, make a hard choice?

2) Is there a relationship between the choice they make and their economic condition?

3) Have these numbers increased over the years?

If you want to make sure that you answers are accurate and believable, you have to find facts and figures, details and exact statistics to support your research paper. However, while this step is important, it shouldn’t be on top of your priority list.

Teenage pregnancy is a broad topic which means that you have to look into it and extract subtopics and examine them from every angle. This won’t be difficult because you can find a great deal of information on the internet itself but keep in mind that the extra field work will make your paper better than the rest.

One great option would be to look into the cause and effect aspect of teenage pregnancies. You can start off by discussing the various reasons that could result in such a problem. For example- sex education or lack thereof or the ignorance as far as contraception is concerned. If you can get quotes from your friends or classmates, that would be great.

The next step would be to explore both the short-term and long-term troubles that crop up when a young mother tries to bring up an infant. It is a good idea to talk about certain television shows that glorify the idea and compare it to real life. The last paragraph will list out suggestions and preventive measures. It is very easy to sermonize and get carried away when such a topic is being discussed which is why you have to make sure that your words aren’t too sharp or biting. You can make a strong point without being extreme about it.

A second option would be to pick a specific area and carry out your research on that. For instance, you can write a comprehensive piece on the different options and solutions a teenager can look into when she realizes that the test is positive.

Your research paper on teenage pregnancy doesn’t have to be laced with negativity- you can explore the positive aspects and add a unique twist to it.

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