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Research Paper on Pre Tribulation Rapture Theory

Friday, Jan. 7th 2011

This topic is a very controversial one and requires much attention and focus if one has to write a successful research paper on pretribulation rapture theory. You will be asked to express the origins of the pretribulation rapture theory and its main aspects. You must also write different views Christians and major Christian theologists have regarding the pretribulation rapture theory.

In order to start your research paper on pretribulation rapture theory you must have sufficient research done. This topic requires that you have facts and relevant matter. If you write something regarding the pretribulation rapture theory which is irrelevant or wrong you can end up upsetting the reader and suffer a loss of important marks.

The best place to do your research is the Internet. The Internet has the solution to all your problems. You can conveniently search for matter on the pretribulation rapture theory by searching it over Google. Type what you require and then read. Gather facts from different online sources and write it down.

However after you do your research you must be able to write it appropriately and compellingly. You must impress the reader that is your ultimate goal. And to start out you must first come up with a good introduction. Now I have shown how but this is just an example you must practice your own.

In evangelic and charismatic churches the most famous and popular teachings that are preached are the doctrine of the pretribulation rapture theory. The main subject matter of the teaching is that there are two comings of the Christ. The first coming is secret and before the seven year tribulation and the second one is not so secret and will be seen by all.

At the second coming Jesus defeats his opponents and reigns over his people for a thousand years. Which is known as the “The millennium” now there are some who say there are two comings and some say that there is only one but it happens in two different phases.

In the second part of your research paper on pre tribulation theory you must state important facts for e.g. the pre tribulation rapture theory is a doctrine which is popular and is considered so important and crucial to Christianity that it is considered to be a test of a person’s accepted view and prevailing attitude of his belief.

In conclusion to your research paper on pretribulation rapture theory you must amalgamate all your views and matter in to one brief paragraph as if writing a summary. Remember this is a pretty crucial part of your research paper on pre tribulation theory so make it good.

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