Research Paper on Nursing

07/03/12 7:42 AM

Nursing is one of the most difficult jobs in hospitals. To write a research paper on nursing, a student will have to understand, what a nurse goes through daily in order to provide the care to the patients and make them feel at ease. Nursing is one of those health care professions which surrounds around caring for another person to whom you are not related in any way, and that other person has to be given proper care and attention.

To become a nurse, an individual has to go through a proper education and training. Nurses not only care for the patient but they also look after the families of the patient or an elderly person to make them feel relaxed and assured that their relative will be fine. A nurse works in various places such as hospitals, clinics, as well as other health care facilities which can include a physician’s offices, private homes and schools too.

There are several duties that a nurse does such as looking after the sick children, or assisting the doctor in emergency operations, intensive care units, emergency rooms among various others. After the basic duties which are mentioned before, a nurse also has to take care of other things like checking the patient’s temperature, pulse, blood pressure, administering medication among others. The student will start with an introductory paragraph about the field of nursing, giving points about the field which will be discussed later on in the paper.

Moving on to the body paragraph of the research paper on nursing, the student will open up the topic of nursing field. He will discuss points which are mentioned in this paper and elaborate them in the paper to clear the reader’s mind about it. Furthermore, each detail should be written in such a way that it impresses the reader and makes him think that the student has researched on the topic thoroughly.

The conclusion of the research paper on nursing will be a summary of the each point mentioned in the body paragraph. The student should cite the references before submitting the paper, as this will show that he has not attempted plagiarism.

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