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Research Paper on Language Disabilities

Monday, Jan. 10th 2011

The ability to speak/communicate coherently is one of the most important factors in a child’s total development. Spoken language is the most common means of communication used by human beings. Written language is not common in all cultures, but is said to be most important part of human evolution.  Children with speaking disabilities do not perform as well as normal children in the same age group.

When writing a research paper on language disabilities, carry out some research about  different type of disabilities that are prevalent and can affect children. Citing ‘specific learning disability’ it would describe a disorder to learn to use language, spoken or written which demonstrates a learning disability in listening, speaking, and reading, writing and spelling or doing simple mathematical calculations.

Further in your research paper on language disabilities, describe language disabilities Vis a Vis oral communications, including causes like autism, mental retardation, hearing loss, cerebral palsy and sometimes unidentifiable factors.

Next in your research paper on language disabilities write something about Dyslexia, which can be included with learning disabilities from other causes, affecting vision and hearing, or from inaccurate reading instructions. Dyslexia usually affects around 10 percent of any population, though an exact percentage cannot be predicted with any accuracy. Dyslexia cannot be termed an intellectual disability, although it impairs the affected person’s reading and learning process.

Include in your custom research paper on language disabilities, that although is not possible to get an accurate diagnosis of dyslexia prior to a child’s school going days, however children exhibiting these symptoms have a greater possibility of being dyslexic than other children: Not crawling at the required age, slow in learning words, not speaking coherently at the required age, cannot understand or repeat nursery rhymes and has difficulty in recognizing letters or alphabets and numbers.

Also research and write in your research paper on language disabilities  facts that dyslexia is not recognizable in some people at an early age. Even the affectee is not aware of the problem and do well in class into their teens (16 years or older) and they encounter this problem after high school, and then are aware of their disability. There are also some common misconceptions about the ability of dyslexics to write backwards, but this is happens in very few dyslexics. However, dyslexics do suffer from writing disabilities.

In concluding your research paper on language disabilities, give some details about other visible symptoms of dyslexia like: Speech fluency disorder which affects both the speed and the rhythm of speech and they speak in rapid jerks and spurts. Some writing or typing disorders, or eye/hand coordination also take place. Sometimes dyslexics understand difficult mathematical equations, but may have difficulty in understand simple mathematics.

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