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Queen Nefertiti Term Paper


Term paper, at the termination of semester is the most bothersome task to do. It is more hectic when teacher has assigned you a topic, which you haven’t heard of in your entire life. These types of topics need your deep research, analysis and perfect writing. Although they are difficult to research and write, but will be advantageous and marks gaining because of their uniqueness. A queen Nefertiti term paper is among those topics which will need your maximum efforts in research but they also reward you the best in future.

A queen Nefertiti term paper deals with discussion of a historical personality, so you should be attentive to research her entire personality aspects; who was she? Where did she belong? Why she was famous in history? What were the aspects of her personality which makes her a pioneer? When did she die? What was the cause of her death? Etc.

If you research properly, then your queen Nefertiti term paper will explore that Nefertiti was one of the most well known Egyptian queens. She was famed throughout the ancient world because of for her beauty. When we research about her background, we find very little data which shows that she was not a royal blood. Her father was a high official of Akhenaten. She married Akhenaten, who ruled in the late 18th dynasty in 14th century B.C.

Your queen Nefertiti term paper should also discuss how she worked with her husband to convert polytheistic traditions of Egypt in to monotheistic cult of Aten. The writer should also explore her historical and religious efforts which lead up to this change and the settlement of cult of Aten in detail.

Your queen Nefertiti term paper should also discuss about her Nefertiti Bust which is now placed in Berlin’s Neues Museum. This bust was one of the pioneered works of ancient Egypt. The bust is also prominent for exemplifying the Ancient Egyptians’ understanding of realistic facial proportions.

In the end one should also discuss her death. Unfortunately, this stunningly beautiful, and powerful queen’s death is a controversial debate. She disappeared entirely from Egyptian history due to some mysterious reason. Nobody knows actually what happened to her, but historians may have some ideas regarding her death. Some say that she could have been banished from the country; some say she died at an early age, or was murdered because Akhenaton’s wives were jealous. Nobody knows for sure.

If you encircle her entire personality aspects in your queen Nefertiti term paper, it will be surely informative, interesting and successful.

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