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Public or Private College: Which One to Choose?

10/04/10 6:20 AM

I am sure after our schooling; most of us are perplexed when it comes to make the most important decision of our lives: whether to choose public college or a private one. It is the first step towards freedom and is something that can bring a lot of change in your life. So you must be aware of all the negative and positive aspects of public and private colleges.

Public colleges are those which are financed by state funds. In case you attend a public college in your state, your tuition cost would be reduced and it would be easier for you to get admitted to the college. If the college is located in a different state, you may not be able to avail all such benefits. There is another concept of ‘flagship’ universities. A flagship university might be regarded as the main public college of the state. Such universities admit students from other states and abroad as well.

Private colleges are those which are supported by tuition, endowment and donations from alumni and friends. However these are expensive as compared to the public colleges. Besides, a lot of financial aid is offered in such institutions.

Well now that you know about the public and private colleges, let’s have a look over what actually differentiates them. The first difference between them is the cost of education. You are aware of the fact that the private colleges are pretty expensive as compared to the public colleges. The tuition fee for the private colleges is almost the same. This does not mean that you can rule out the private institutions.

Atmosphere is another aspect that comes into play in case of public and private institutions. In case of private colleges, students get a lot of individual attention from the professors. Students would find it interesting to study since the professors are familiar with their names. However in public colleges, there are larger groups of people. You might not be known to everyone studying in a public college.

Another key aspect that differentiates a public college from a private one is living. As far as public colleges are concerned, you may have a number of choices. However, in the case of private colleges you not have many available options for housing. You may not be allowed to keep your own car in the campus and choose your own dorm in case of these. Often this is done with a purpose to reduce stress. Sometimes you would also come across public colleges that offer sororities and fraternities.

Thus you can consider all the above aspects while making your own choice. All these aspects would surely influence your life as a student. While preparing your list consider other factors as well like: academic departments, location, size, extracurricular activities, religious affiliation and the right feel. Thus it is advisable to visit the college campus and talk to the students to know more about it. Explore the campus on your own and know more about it.

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    what goes up, ought to come down?

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    Excellent. Thanks so much for the post. -Kate

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