Psychology Dissertation Writing

02/08/10 8:28 AM

Psychologists are classified as social or behavioral scientists that conduct technical investigation of human mental activities and conduct. The American Psychological Association defines the discipline of Psychology as the study of the behavior of individuals and their mental processes. Psychologists study to comprehend individual mental functions and social behavior, while also investigating the causal physiological and neurological processes.

Psychology is a wide-ranging discipline and it is important to realize that Psychological research can be divided into three broad categories: Academic Psychology, Professional Psychology, and Popular Psychology. Due to this and the scientific nature of the field writing a Psychology dissertation can be very tricky. As with all dissertation writing you need to research, outline, plan and structure your essay before you begin your Psychology dissertation. Here is a guide below that will surely help you writing a comprehensive Psychology dissertation.

Step 1 – Formulate a Thesis Statement

Before working out a thesis statement for Psychology dissertation, you must establish your position or stance about your field of investigation. Your standpoint on a argument comes from a topic that you feel is important and needs research. The thesis statement should briefly explain the focus of your study and shape the line of reasoning and the structure of your entire dissertation.

Step 2 – Preliminary Research

After formulating a thesis statement, you should begin conducting the preliminary research regarding your topic. Since you have an idea of the scope of your dissertation, do not falter away from the topic and just focus your research in line with the thesis statement. You could find a lot of study material on Psychology including libraries, books, journals, statistics, articles and studies conducted by other Psychologists and social scientists.

Step 3 – Impartiality

Psychology dissertations need you to act like scientists and be detached and impartial with subject of your investigation. It gives a bad impression on your writing skills and will result in loss of marks therefore you should take special attention to objectivity and neutrality.

Step 4 – Analysis and Evaluation

As with other social science disciplines the analysis of psychology dissertation do not aim to pick sides but instead study the social behavior and patterns as objectively as possible.  Psychology assumes that there is no ‘right’ way of doing things, and you should just observe things that happen and analyze and evaluate the ‘why’ questions in your dissertation.

Step 5 – Structure and Citation

Lastly, it is important to give some form of structure and fluency to your Psychology dissertation. In addition, a psychology dissertation is incomplete without proper referencing and citations of other researches, studies and statistics. It reflects positively and shows the examiner that you have worked hard for your dissertation.

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