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Protection of Human Subject When Writing a Research Paper

Wednesday, Apr. 27th 2011

The reason for adhering to integrity in research is for the protection of human subject when writing a research paper. This satisfies a moral scientific code and leads to better scientific results because the adherence to ethical research practices result in attention to details of scientific research. The credibility of science with the general population depends on the maintenance of the highest ethical standards in research.

Individuals, who volunteer as subjects in research, know that protection of human subject when writing a research paper will be adhered to. Their identities and the obtained information will be kept absolutely confidential. This adheres to the benefits and the risks as given in the Belmont Report which is “the obligation to do no harm, and to maximize benefits and minimize harm to human subjects”.

Research data is defined as any information collected during research with live humans. Personal identifiers are any elements, individually or combined which can identify an individual such as a social security number, name, address, demographic information or any other identifiers.

De-identified data for protection of human subject when writing a research paper refers to the original data that has no identifiable elements that would enable anyone to find out the identity of the human subject.  Research that needs data to be linked later to the subject’s identity is divided into two sets: A de-identified set and an identify-only set. The latter has all the necessary information enabling  future research.

For merging the identity information with other research data, an identity code assigned by the researcher, usually a random number is associated with each individual  number that  might be included in both data sets, and when required link the date elements to the de-identified set.

You also need to mention about  , secure location means a place (room, file cabinet etc) where  a removable medium  is  stored, with personal identification which only the principal has access while talking of  protection of human subject when writing a research paper. When discussing protection of human subject when writing a research paper, add that access may be given to other parties with genuine need that should be consistent with all secure policies in the research protocol.

Secure data encryption refers to the transformation of data to an unrecognizable form, and the original data or any part can be retrieved only by knowing the secret decryption code. As there could be benefits and risks in protections for confidentiality, all protocols must have documented procedures, which are acceptable and effective for human subject research. Before the protocol is approved, it will be reviewed in full by the Committee for Protection of Human Subjects.

Compliance with the above guidelines will help researchers to keep to the accepted ethical research practice, and prevent serious deviations constituting research misconduct, such as fabrication, falsification or plagiarism and misrepresentation of credentials.

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