Persuasive Term Paper on Graffiti

26/09/10 8:35 AM

Graffiti is the term given to letters, images or artwork that is painted, sketched, marked or drawn in any manner on property. It is a form of social expression and art. The use of graffiti dates back to centuries, where walls and trees and mountain rocks were used as a canvas for people to leave messages and express themselves.Writing a persuasive research papers or term paper on graffiti is an interesting topic because majority of the world is against this form of art. Therefore this task is challenging and once you research you will come to realize that there are two sides to everything.

But before you start writing a persuasive essay term paper on graffiti you must understand the role a persuasive piece of writing takes. It is a form of an argumentative essay that has one single goal, to convince the readers. You may want to prove a point or disprove an argument.

To write a persuasive term paper on graffiti you must either convince an audience that graffiti is beneficial activity for society as a whole or that it is a menace that should be banned. You can go either way, what depends on the success of your persuasive term paper on graffiti is your level of research, tone of writing and the inclusion of valid and relevant points.

It is important to remember that you must present both sides of the argument. A persuasive topic that is unbiased and balanced creates the best impression on the audience. Therefore include both, the advantages and disadvantages of the existence and spread of graffiti.

If you are writing a persuasive term paper on graffiti, the benefits listed below should be included:

1.       It is a form of public art that ads to the surrounding

2.       Anyone can take part in this art, there is no hierarchy and no gallery

3.       Artists are born and given recognition  – some go a long way and rise up the ranks

4.       It is a better form of spending time than smoking, drinking, drug use, etc

Now you must include the downside of graffiti in your persuasive term paper on graffiti:

1.       It causes damage to public and private property

2.       High cleanup costs

3.       Offensive graffiti is shameful and inappropriate

4.       It is a form of trespassing and abuse of public property

These points should prove useful in writing a persuasive term paper on graffiti. Choose the side you agree with and want to support. Proof read your work before submission.

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