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Pablo Picasso Term Paper on a Work of Art

Tuesday, Jul. 20th 2010

Beautiful strokes, imaginary lines, solid sculptures, vibrant colors all are the actions an art student deals with. Being an art student you are surely involved in playing with paints and curves and coming up with an expressive image. As you are found so concerned with your work, your idealization for its inventor would be quite genuine. And if it’s about Pablo Picasso you feel glad to write a term paper on his work of art.

Writing a term paper on Pablo Picasso is not an easy task. It’s not because you are short of words. Actually Pablo Picasso is a huge name with enormous work of art. His extensive work may create problem in managing your work count. Therefore it’s better to focus on his single work of art.

On the whole, his record is full of masterpieces but here highlights his absolutely awesome work i.e. Guernica painting is mentioned.

Start your term paper with an introduction on the artist, Pablo Picasso. Talk about his background, his skills and his life time periods. He was born in October 25, 1881, in Malaga Spain and was son of an art teacher. He was bestowed with a genius mind related to abstract arts, sculpting and ceramics work.

Next you may start discussing about the topic i.e. Guernica painting. Talk about its painting year and canvas size. That famous work of art was designed after the Spanish civil war and measures 349cm by 776cm.

Proceed further discussing about the idea behind portraying that image. That great work was an outcome of an agreement with Spanish government. In 1937, that painting was displayed in Spanish Pavilion at World Fair in Paris to depict the timely and horrified time suffered by the people of Guernica town in the Second World War.

Furthermore, you may talk about the images that painting contains. It’s a black and white picture with people, animals and building all occupied with senseless violence and brutality.

That painting holds a strong bond with the town of Guernica. The traditional concept of people meeting under an oak tree is present there.

That piece of art magic is recognized as an international icon for peace and was completed in a short period of time. That painting travelled across every corner of America and the rest of the world. Now resting in a building named MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) along with his other work.

You may also describe about the characters present in that painting. Now close your work, informing about the last period of Picasso and his date of death. You are now done with term paper on Pablo Picasso work of art.

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