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Outline of a Term Paper on Mrs. Dalloway

Saturday, Sep. 25th 2010

Mrs. Dalloway is a novel written by Virginia Woolf which was published on the 14th of May, 1925 which brought her fame and success world over. In the year 2005, TIME magazine chose Mrs. Dalloway as one of the hundred best English novels from 1923 to date. This is one of Woolf’s best known novels.

If you have been searching for an outline of a term paper on Mrs. Dalloway, look no further as this is exactly what this article deals in. To write a term paper on Mrs. Dalloway is indeed an exciting yet challenging task. This is because this novel has already received a lot of attention in the past and present.

Therefore your task will be to try and make this term paper on Mrs. Dalloway interesting, informative and insightful. This is what this outline of a term paper on Mrs. Dalloway sets out to achieve.

This outline of a term paper on Mrs. Dalloway starts with an introduction of the topic to the readers. Talk about what this novel covers and encompasses.

Discuss the brief history of the novel. This is a crucial part of your outline of a term paper on Mrs. Dalloway. The novel is created from two short stories namely “Mrs. Dalloway in Bond Street” and the incomplete text of “The Prime Minister”

Now give the plot summary of the novel. This is also a critical part of this outline of a term paper on Mrs. Dalloway as there may be readers who have not read this novel. Also, if the plot summary written by you seems interesting and appealing to them, then they make give this book a read.

This outline of a term paper on Mrs. Dalloway stresses that you should discuss the main themes of this novel in detail. The themes play an important role in keeping this novel interesting, controversial and though provoking. The drama and emotional charge occurs due to the incorporation of these themes among the novel’s characters and plot. The four main themes that we see running through this novel are; mental illness, existential issues, feminism, and homosexuality.

Talk about the film adaptation; in 1997 a film version of Mrs. Dalloway was directed by Marleen Gorris. This novel is also a solid addition to most English Literature courses in schools and colleges.

In conclusion, this outline of a term paper on Mrs. Dalloway states that you can end your writing with your personal opinion and view on the novel. Was it worth the time spent reading?

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