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Outline for Term Paper on EMTALA

Friday, Oct. 15th 2010

Term papers are essential coursework which a student must submit at the end of each semester. All of us are well-aware about these writing tasks. Students often feel them bothersome and hectic, do you know why? Because they don’t have an elaborate outline for term paper’s writing. This article is providing an elaborate outline for term paper on EMTALA, which will help the students to write their term papers without any difficulty and mistakes. This is a set of suggestions which students can use for other topics as well.

For an elaborate outline for term paper on EMTALA, we divide our entire article in three phases:


  • Firstly, research about the topic deeply. Try to explore all of its aspects as deep as possible.
  • Always try to explore the most recent information regarding the topic.
  • You should use both online and library resources for the best research. In case of internet resources, you should consider the reliability of the resource first.


  • In writing, make an outline of the subtopics which you want to mention in your term paper on EMTALA.
  • Afterwards, write a comprehensive introduction of the topic which should have a clear subject statement. E.g. EMTALA is stand for The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). It is a U.S. Act of Congress which is passed in 1986 as a part of the COBRA. It was established for 24 hours hospitals and ambulance services for excellent care to anyone who need emergency healthcare regardless of legal status, citizenship, or ability to pay.
  • Another important point which must be mentioned in outline for term paper on EMTALA is that, you should mention the history of EMTALA, need of this act, amendment in EMATALA with reasons, mandated care and its positive impacts on society (health services for uninsured and Cost pressures on hospitals etc.) in separate body paragraphs.
  • In the end, write a brief conclusion which again emphasize on effectiveness of EMTALA in health care.


This article “outline for term paper on EMTALA” will also give you suggestions regarding editing.

  • Once you have written your term paper, edit it according to the appropriate format (APA, MLA etc.)
  • Reread entire term paper to remove any of the mistake either spelling or grammar.

If students follow instruction of this outline for term paper on EMTALA, their term paper task will get easier for them.

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