Motivation College Essay

22/05/10 10:06 AM

Motivation is an inspiring term. The word holds a powerful essence itself. Viewing life as a multistory building, motivation can be portrayed as an elevator to reach to its top safe and sound. Motivation can also be defined as a force that energizes an individual to climb every mountain, ford all streams and chase every rainbow to avail the dream and hit the target. To grab self contentment, determination and inspiration are essential elements. There are also many other factors that help in boosting enthusiasm in our daily lives. The leading ones are feeling of security, sensation of harmony, pursuing personal moral and status, passion of success, craze of invasion etc. They all build a strong and powerful passage to seek higher aims and objectives of the life ahead.

Talking about the realities of life, it has been seen that while diving on high tide, bump and slump may arises. These rise and falls are always remained as a part of mankind. But to drive your car steadily on heavy jumps and deep ditches, proper oiling and fueling is necessary. In the same way, to cope up with the critical situations great personal motives and liveliness are essential.

Ignorance and negligence are the wicked enemies in our every day lives that resist in fulfilling our dreams. For a person that truly wishes to gain rewards and pleasure, may encounter with some risk and threat. It is the real spirit of a motivated man that even signs of danger and jeopardy could not stop him to chase after his ambition and aspiration.

The courage and strength bestowed you with multi dimensional guts. It presents you with support, creativity, intelligence, philanthropy, honor and dignity to hunt for the desires in your life.

Motivations are of many types depending upon the nature of work and personal behavior. Achievement motivation is that type which forces individuals to accomplish certain goal and then enjoy his success on completion of that task. Affiliation motivation relates to the aptitude of people on social basis. This attitude is mostly seen in corporations where employees are in quest to work better than their coworkers. Competence motivation brings creativity and quality in work. It makes individual competent enough to strive and struggle for gaining high margin. Power Motivation is another strong type that makes a person capable of changing the situation towards improved and healthier circumstances. Self confidence is also a kind of determination. It creates self belief and a feeling of relaxation in personal and civil dealings.

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