MLA Writing for an Argumentative Paper

14/04/11 8:59 AM

The style and format most often used in writing and documentation is the Modern Language Association – MLA style. Using MLA writing for an argumentative paper, requires quotes used as evidence, therefore MLA format is as much about including the quote fluently, as much as it regarding punctuation and indentation.

The purpose of an argumentative research paper is to impart information about your topic, and at the same time present it with supporting and opposing ideas. The main objective of an argumentative essay is trying and changing the beliefs of the reader. The positive aspect of an argumentative essay is that it makes clear your point of view, from that which is known, or assumed. In writing the research paper, be sure to anticipate objections, and be prepared to give some latitude to those who make mistakes when writing essays by inserting their personal opinions for well known facts. Also the essay should not contain any plagiarized material.

To be able to successfully write any assignment for humanities, the following tips will be invaluable to you:

Font size 12-point Times New Roman, 1-inch margins all around, double spacing and no extra space between paragraphs, header with pagination with last name and page number at top right, student identification in the left margin, student name, instructor’s name, course information, submission date and other required information, title centered and properly capitalized and punctuated, parenthetical in-text citation sources and separate page with alphabetical list of works cited for bibliography.

When using MLA writing for an argumentative research paper, whenever you quote someone else, you must acknowledge the source directly after the passage in the essay, and also cite the list of works separately. Other details to be provided include: adequate information included in your in-text citations so that the reader does not have difficulty in locating sources, the works cited list should be on a new page at the conclusion of the paper, the cited works should be double spaced, entries to be listed in alphabetical order, indent subsequent lines if the entry exceeds one line, and separate each author, title, publication and information with a period.

Further when opting for MLA writing for an argumentative paper; select a topic that you are comfortable with, collect credible information that can be used against your topic so that you can refute arguments in regard to your topic. Next start writing your essay and state your topic on the first page. In order to write a comprehensible paper your paper should have Logic, Ethics and Emotion which can appeal to your reader. Explain the issues and write rebuttals for counter arguments. Paragraphs should be well modulated for smooth transition in writing the paper.

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