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MLA Research Paper Writing Interactive

Wednesday, Nov. 17th 2010

MLA stands for modern language association. It is the standard editorial style for writing research paper, articles and books in arts and humanities. The objective of writing this article is to teach students MLA research paper writing interactive skills. Standard layout guidelines for writing a MLA research paper are as follow:


Students should set the font size to 12 points and font to Times new Roman. Students should also leave one inch margin from each sides. MLA research paper writing interactive style recommends that students should set the line spacing to double. This means that all the text including citation and quotes should be double paced.


MLA research paper writing interactive style recommends that students should add header and footer. In the header at the top right corner of the page enter your last name and then leave a space and in the middle write page number.


MLA research paper writing interactive style do not recommend for preparing a separate title page. It recommends adding a title block at the beginning of your research paper.


Students should save their work on network space or on floppy drives. Never save work on C drive or on desktop because the windows operating system is too unstable.


It is not a best practice to overwrite the draft each time. Save the work of each day and phase separately. Use phases name such as DA100 paper 1 Draft and DA100 Paper 1 Thesis etc.


Students should increase the indent icon twice before starting a new paragraph.

Students can also change indentation by using following steps:

  • Click Format in the menu bar.
  • Scroll the mouse pointer to Paragraph and click. The paragraph window will open up.
  • Set alignment to the left and the spacing to double.
  • Where it is 0″ for the left indention, make it 1″.
  • Click Ok. In this way whole quotation will be indented one-inch.
  • In the end press Enter.


By following the steps below students can easily create work cited list:

  • Add a blank page
  • Type “WORK CITED” at the top of the page and presses enter.
  • Click Format in the menu bar.
  • Scroll down and click Paragraph. Set spacing to double..
  • In the indentation section window click the down arrow for options. Click on Hanging

And then click OK.

  • Type your work citation list elements or entries and press Enter after each entry.
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