Microeconomics Subjects for Term Paper

07/08/10 5:44 PM

Economics is the study of demand and supply of goods and services in a given market. It studies the allocation of resources to produce finished goods and services and the dynamics involved in supplying them to a market structure. Since the subject of economics is vast, it is divided into two categories, i.e. microeconomics and macroeconomics. This article is limited to microeconomics subjects for term paper. This field of economics is the study and analysis of various market dynamics for a focused group of consumers and suppliers

When looking for microeconomics subjects for term paper, it is necessary to keep in mind the direction of your essay. It is up to you whether you want to produce an argumentative research paper, research based paper or analysis focused term paper; but your writing style and research methodology will determine the outcome. One of the most common issues students face for this task is coming up with useful microeconomics subjects for term paper.  The list below should be helpful in doing just that.

  • Among the many popular ideas for microeconomics subjects for term papers are market structures. Monopolies, cartels, duopolies and oligopolies are popular structures forever present in the world economy. For this topic, you can analyze their parts in the industry and how competition reacts to their presence. You can discuss whether they exploit customers and smaller firms or whether they add value to the society.
  • You can write about the labor market and its various factors that are part of the equation. This segment presents many writing opportunities for students looking for microeconomics subjects for term paper. You can express your opinion regarding labor unions, supply and demand of skilled labor or you can write about the wage-price spiral causing inflationary pressures in the economy.
  • The law of demand and supply is the most commonly used topic in microeconomics subjects for term paper and presents a number of niches for students. Why is the demand for the iPad so high? What happens to the supply of computer processors when the price of motherboards increases? What will happen to the supply of beer if the tax levied is increased? How does a shift in the seasonal demand for mangoes affect the supply of mango pulp?
  • Another interesting idea for microeconomics subjects for term paper is the different pricing policies that multinationals use for various markets. Good A may cost more in Market A but less in Market B. You can even discuss the price premiums on luxury items.
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