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Marketing Research Paper Topics

Thursday, Jun. 24th 2010

Marketing Research Papers – Marketing is a series of steps by which companies attract customers to their goods and services. It is an art that mixes elements from human behavior, economic principles, and business objectives to successfully promote and ultimately create demand for a product or service. The subject of marketing is vast, this piece on how to write on marketing topics attempts to simplify the task for you.

Pick a topic and crisp thesis statement

The first task is to pick a research paper topic and develop a thesis statement around it. More or less, a marketing research paper makes an effort to sell a product or service, or discusses effective marketing and selling strategies or attributes a product’s success story to effective marketing campaigns or tactics. As a writer on marketing research paper, you must decide which direction to take. You may choose to critique an existing marketing tool like the Boston Matrix or analyze Coke’s latest marketing campaign. Formulate your thesis statement so it remains direct and relevant.

Do your research

After developing your thesis statement for research paper, the next step involves your research methodology which supports it. It is important to thoroughly understand and appreciate the subject matter before attempting to use it to support your argument. If you do not possess in-depth and complete knowledge regarding your marketing research paper topic, your final piece may turn out weak, disjointed and most of all, un-convincing.

Use marketing models

Wherever you can, the use and application of marketing models and tools will greatly assist your marketing research paper. Marketing models are used in educational institutes and companies all over the world; these tools are credible approaches used in explaining marketing subjects.

Give examples

Since marketing is a theory based subject, it requires constant supporting evidence through statistics, success stories and examples of various products and services over the past decades. This approach re-enforces your argument and strengthens your marketing paper.

The use of headings

In writing a marketing research paper, the use of headings is crucial as it sets the pace and gives direction to the reader. Headings should be used to introduce a paragraph or a new point that you have made. It provides fluency and drift to your work.

Persuasive theme

Finally, you must maintain a persuasive and convincing theme throughout your work. Since marketing is the art of selling, as a writer, you too must maintain your stance and opinion the whole time. Your content needs to be focused so it can hit the nail on the head.

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