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Library Guide Steps to Writing a Research Paper

Sunday, Nov. 28th 2010

Writing a research paper is not as complicated as some students’ feel it is. Neither is it a great mystery that students can’t solve; instead with a bit more effort they can ease a comprehensive research paper that seemingly feels like a daunting task. Here are library guide steps to writing a research paper.

1.       Embark on the journey of your research paper as soon as you are assigned a topic. It is best to not waste much time and begin researching on the topic immediately. This is important in finding library material as soon as possible, as another student might be working on the same topic.

2.       You need to understand all the requirements and instructions your professor has set for your topic. Considering all the intricacies, you need to come up with an interesting topic that has enough study material available in libraries to back your arguments.

3.       Ensure that your topic is not too narrow or too broad. You can choose one or two aspects about a certain issue and then provide a comprehensive research on that topic. Doing a literature review or studying in a library about the topic generally reveals the various aspects that are untouched on a topic. Or you may generate new ideas during this process to reflect upon the topic.

4.       Develop a rough idea about the topic in your mind, which will help you in understanding what can be important while you collect and gather information for you research paper.

5.       Research is one of the most important among the library guide steps to writing a research paper. You may consult a librarian to find out all kinds of study materials on your subject of study. This may include library catalogues, books, government publications, videos, journal articles, newspapers, magazines, internet websites and other sources on your topic. As you research, it is imperative that you note down the the sources of information accurately which will help in constructing the bibliography.

6.       Next you should draft a final sketch. This will include assembling all the gathered information and arrange them as you would want in your research paper. This will be followed with formulating a thesis statement which is the heart of your essay. It is important to carefully design this statement because all your research paper is going to be focused in the light of this statement. You do not have to worry about any spelling or grammatical mistakes right now, but make sure that you don’t commit the same mistakes when you are writing your formal piece.

7.       Last of the library guide steps to writing a research paper includes citing your sources adequately and acknowledging other’s work. In addition, you should provide a comprehensive bibliography so that reader can easily trace your work for credibility.

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