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Library Guide Steps to Writing a Research Paper

Monday, Mar. 21st 2011

Writing a research paper can be easy if you take to following some library guide steps to writing a research paper. Students spend a large portion of their scholastic time in writing and researching papers, and usually need all the help that they can get.

This seemingly daunting task will be finished if you start researching your topic immediately without wasting time. The topic that you choose should not be too difficult or even too simple, as you need to choose a topic that has enough research material in libraries for you to validate your arguments to complete your research paper.

Give serious thought to your chosen topic. This will help you to understand the important aspects of the topic that you need to collect information on. Research is probably the most important aspect for library guide steps to writing a research paper. Consulting a librarian will help in finding the relevant material for your paper.

Your required material can be obtained through catalogues. You can use these catalogues to locate material for your paper by topic or by subject. And when you take the book, you can scan the bibliography for additional sources.

Indexes are also quite useful to find citations to articles. The indexes could be in computer format or in printed form or both, and you could probably find the index and formats best suited to your subject.

Next for library guide steps to writing a research paper, I suggest the use of books, government publications; videos, newspapers and magazine and internet websites are all invaluable sources for writing your paper.  During you research make notes of sources of your information. This will help in the making of the bibliography.

Next finalize the draft by collating all the collected information to write a thesis statement on your paper. This statement should be written with utmost care because this is going to be the core of your college paper. When writing the paper, take care that all spellings and the grammar is absolutely correct.

Cite all your sources adequately will also be another library guide step to writing a research paper so that borrowed material is properly acknowledged. Include a bibliography so that the reader is sure of the credibility of your work. Quoting the work of another author without citations is plagiarism. You can use the APA and MLA styles for citations.

Specifically in APA style the sources are listed alphabetically on a separate page and are numbered. The entries appear with the last name of the author in chronological order. If there are two or more books by the same author, the name of the author must be given in each entry. This will enable your reader to find the source of any ideas without difficulty.

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