Key Components in a Term Paper

17/07/10 8:39 AM

Every student whether good or bad, is frequently asked to write a term paper. Most of them get shattered at being involved in the whole process of research, evaluation, submission and all. On the other hand some come up with an excellent piece of writing. So what’s the difference between a group of students that produce brilliant compositions and a group that experience difficulty and produce poor articles? All in all, it’s just the game of adding some key components that if embedded in your term paper surely make you unbeaten.

First of all, you must make it clear that a term paper is not at all like an essay. Actually term papers are composed to discover the truth about something and presenting it in an interesting way.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of the research paper is to develop critical thinking, research ability and writing skills in students so don’t mix the term with a typical essay. Try to release your term paper as a production of good quality resource.

Now talking about the structure, the first and foremost component of a term paper is the introduction. This part of your term paper acts as a logical framework for the readers to follow. Engrave this section with the thesis statement that contains the broad spectrum of your entire research work. Remember to produce it in an impressive and interesting way as this section is the tune and voice of your complete work.

Your next main component is the body block.  In this part you are supposed to present your analysis, arguments, discussions and evidence. You can say that this block holds the entire research phase. Put your secondary question here and address them with proof or arguments.

An important point about this section is the narration style. It’s all your choice to set the direction of your tone. You may go for simple analytical approach or may adopt an argumentative form. Moreover, standard format like MLA, APA etc are also present.

Another key feature of your term paper is the conclusion. In simple words it is the end of your paper, but you need to hand it over in a summarizing way. This section should put forward an abstract of all the conflicts, assumptions and debates you have dealt with.

An additional section that could not in any way be neglected is the citation segment. You need to clearly state the source of information and guard yourself from the suspect of plagiarism.

Now check out for grammar and spelling mistakes. Reread it; verify that your composition holds a smooth flow. Tick all these key components and include your name among those who really enjoy writing their term papers.

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