Importance of Writing a Research Paper

08/08/10 1:37 PM

A research paper is a comprehensive essay that students are required to submit at the end of their academic semester. This assignment attempts to test a student’s understanding of an academic course from all its angles. You can say that a research paper is the final test of the students learning over the course of his/her academic year.

Many students often overlook the importance of writing a research paper. They take it as a burden and tiresome task and don’t give it their 100%. They seldom remember that a research paper actually tests the student’s ability to research, collect information, write, compile, analyze and interpret a topic. It is an amalgamation of the student’s total learning.

The importance of research paper is that without scoring a decent grade, the student cannot pass the class and earn a credit. It is a prerequisite to nearly all theory, intellectual and technical courses. Whether its physics, law, literature, history or economics, you will have to submit a research paper. A research paper tests a student’s learning in the course. Whether you paid attention in class, dozed off, missed lectures or failed the take notes – it takes form in the output of the research paper.

The researching methodology a student uses is tested when he writes a research paper. It is required that a student provide relevant information that is applicable to the research paper topic. Furthermore this information should come from reliable sources backed with a thorough list of references and citations.

Writing a research paper even prepares you for the upcoming exams since the topic is related to the course. Your researching, learning and reading for the research paper will help you prepare for the relevant course as well. If you have written an ‘A’ grade research paper that has raised new standards, chances are that it gets published in the relevant journal. Your name as the lead author and researcher of the topic will be mentioned. This is a feather in your cap and reflects well on your resume. In some cases the relevant company, be it a multinational or a government organization can recruit you. How’s that for the importance of writing a research paper?

Given the importance of written a research paper, do not take research papers lightly. It may seem like a daunting task and it very well should be. But keep in mind that a well written research paper offers rewards that can earn you a scholarship, kick start your career and open a number of opportunities. Therefore, the next time you’re assigned a research paper, give it your best effort.

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