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Idea Behind Giving References While Writing a Paper

Tuesday, Feb. 1st 2011

In order to write a good college paper you need two things, research and references. You must do adequate research for your college paper. After doing research you must cite and write references. References form a major part of your essay writing and every examiner and instructor will always gauge your essay by profoundly testing your skills in mentioning proper references.

How on earth would you be able to write a proper academic paper without referring to something which is written by someone else? This is the idea behind giving references while writing a term paper. Referencing is something which is written by someone else is allowed in paper writing as long as you do it correctly.

Writing something else and referring someone else’s work will for sure get you into trouble. Many students make this mistake and end up losing important marks. You must always make sure that the style of referencing that you use in your paper writing is the same style which is permitted by your college. Failing to do this will result in the loss of important marks.

The idea behind giving references while writing a paper is also to mention the authenticity of your content. The reader or the examiner will always want to know where your writing is coming from. He will also be expecting you to write proper facts and figures. Never even think of making stuff or stories up by yourself.  Write adequately via research.

You can even log on to the Internet to search for references and a lot of other information regarding your topic. Online you have access to free information. The information on the Internet is provided by millions of other people all over the world. The information is up to date.

Another cool advantage of using the Internet is that you really don’t need to go to any library, or keep asking your teachers or students. You can relax at your home while logging on to the Internet via your laptop or PC.

After writing anything factual or fact based, on a topic which is controversial or a topic that demands you write something very controversial, you must mention the references from which you cite your content. This is the basic idea of giving references while writing essay term papers.

Make sure you don’t plagiarize. Don’t plagiarize references if you do you will without any hesitation be marked failed.

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