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Hume and Self-Identity College Paper

Monday, Jan. 3rd 2011

Hume was the first Western philosopher to expose the confusions attending our thought of personal identity and then to refuse the idea as a fiction. Hume begins by indicating that even if some philosophers think we are incessantly aware of something we call the self, when we come across to our experience there is nothing to validate this conviction. We not at all, say Hume, aware of any steady invariable notion that could respond to the name of self. What we experience, somewhat, is a constant flow of awareness’s that replace one another in rapid succession.

Hume had a different thought about the self in relation to experience.  In a book of readings called Self and World, Hume is quoted analyzing “The idea of the self as an entity that owns experiences should be replaced with the idea of the sum of those experiences themselves” (Ogilvy 107). One can not be familiar with about oneself without experience to show it.  He thought that not anything about the self could be accomplished lacking experiential content. The identity of a person is consecutive perceptions.  The self is not any one notion. He massaged in the book of readings as stating “memory does not so much produce as discover personal identity, to give reason why we can thus extend our identity beyond our memory” (Ogilvy 108).  He though held the Cartesian means of thinking that mental matters are the objects of consideration in an interior realm.  This analysis provokes the inner observer to witness these……


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