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Human Resource Management Term Paper

Wednesday, Apr. 21st 2010

HR management is a specialized course of MBA programs. It is designed to deal with issues associated with people. Its main focus is on management and recruitment section of organizations. The core areas of study are associated with hiring employees, organization development, employee motivation and training, safety and wellness of the firm and supervision of communication and administration.

The objective of the course is to bring out problems concerning Management of Human Resources through both aspects as of theory and practices. The syllabus observes people at work and discover different viewpoint of human motivation and efforts regarding his occupation and profession. The curriculum enables graduates to become familiar with social, cultural and economical attributes that involved in employee relations. It also gives insights of how to retrieve and enhance critical components of business activities such as compensation, benefits, salary negotiations and security principles.

The subject has revolutionized its domain of study. Previously its scope was bounded with jobs behind the scene like handling employee’s issues. It includes recruiting, interviewing and hiring employees and following the policies and provisions listed by top management of corporate. Today HR is dynamically involved in development of all legal aspects of strategic human resource management. It is now actively playing its part in shaping organization policies. It is offering its students to gain a universal set of managerial skills.

The prospectus of this program is to deliberate prime matters involved in arranging workers for trade unions. The HR practices enable them for commencement of these alliances. It also permits them to evaluate their progress with other institutions and estimate their influence on them. These activities unleashed the cutting edge issues with respect to Human Resource Management present in organizations. It provides flexibility, automation and maturity in exploring potential and talents of resources particularly human.

The future aspects of this program are quite clear and bright. Now in most of the enterprises modern concepts of management are in practice. It has become an integral part in business houses to care for the needs and demand of their employees. Special concern is required to keep the workforce satisfied. The subject is gone beyond conventional applications of just to sign up the right candidates. Nowadays understanding their need and keep them motivated has become an indispensable part of all corporations.

Pursing the degree evolves a smart perceptive, giving applicant an advantage to engage in Human Resource or Personnel management as a career. They can also get their jobs as consultants to advise companies on estimated organizational change. It has been predicted by career analysts that the number of HR jobs are expected to raise in near future.

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