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Huey P Newton Term Paper Outline

Wednesday, Oct. 20th 2010

This article will provide you with a Huey P Newton term paper outline. Writing on a person’s life, career or background is always a fun task when it comes to term paper writing. This holds true if the person in subject has an interesting past, rich background and eventful journey.

In this Huey P Newton term paper outline you will understand and learn how you can write an effective term paper on this personality. You will notice in this Huey P Newton term paper outline that the finer points of his life are mentioned.

This Huey P Newton term paper outline should help you in writing the final term paper on this term paper topic. Keep in mind that you must supplement this Huey P Newton term paper outline with additional research and findings.

Listed below you will find a Huey P Newton term paper outline listed in point form for your convenience. Spend time understanding each point and then elaborating it with research and findings of your own.

  • Start with a background. His full name is Huey Percy Newton and was born on the 17th of February, 1942.
  • He was the co founder and the pioneer of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense
  • His aim in life was to promote Black Power, fight for human rights, self defense and encourage socio political liberation
  • Talk about how he founded the Black Panther Party. It started when he got involved in politics when residing in the Bay Area.
  • This party was an organization that was working for the betterment and rights for black people in a term where racism was prominent.
  • Huey P Newton was part of a murder investigation as he was accused of murdering an officer named John Frey.
  • He was eventually charged with voluntary manslaughter in September 1968 but after 2 subsequent mistrials the state of California had to drop the case.
  • In 1977, Huey Newton enrolled in the University of California and finished his doctoral dissertation titled: ‘War Against the Panthers: A student of Repression in America’
  • Later on in life he pursued higher education and earned a Ph.D.
  • Huey Newton passed away on August 22nd 1989 after he was fatally shot by a drug dealer name Tyrone Robinson.
  • He had a lasting impact on popular culture where his efforts in life were mentioned and credited in songs, comic strips and African American social circles

This Huey P Newton term paper outline should assist you in preparing your fair draft. Proof-read your work before submitting it and check for accuracy of facts.

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