How to Write Term Paper Conclusion

08/06/10 9:10 AM

The format for writing a term paper is quite straightforward once you have a topic in mind. The first paragraph should introduce the reader to the topic, the second one should transition to the third in such a way that the minor arguments lead to the more concrete ones and the last paragraph will consist of the conclusion that will cover the summary of the entire paper and highlight your main viewpoint. This in itself should give you a brief idea about how important the conclusion is and because it is essential, the exercise can be challenging for some which is why you need to keep certain tips and suggestions in mind.

After you are done proofreading the paper and all the spelling mistakes are out of the way, you need to go through it again so that you can jot down the gist of the paper and make a list of the important points. This will make it easier for you to sum up the paper and present it in the simplest manner possible.

The first two sentences of the conclusion should cover your aim or reason for putting together the paper in the first place. It will be somewhat similar to your introduction paragraph but make sure that it has a stronger vibe or tone to it. The subsequent sentence will explain the manner in which you managed to prove your point and accomplish the objective in the term paper. If you want, you can jog the reader’s memory by repeating some of your specific arguments that came together to act as evidences. This doesn’t mean that you should copy down the exact statement or sentence.

The last portion of the conclusion will point out the obvious and tell the reader how he will benefit by making your view points, his. It is imperative that your tone is clear and not eager or demanding. Instead, it should be concise without being open-ended. The conclusion should give the reader something to chew on but not leave him confused or bewildered. The concluding sentence should be extremely strong but remember to not beat around the bush because nothing is more annoying than that.

If your paper is well-written but the conclusion is shoddy, the reader will not think twice about it ever again. All your effort will be wasted and you won’t even know why.

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