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How to Write Persuasive Essay

Tuesday, May. 11th 2010

What is a persuasive essay? It’s nothing but a convincing piece of writing that embraces the readers to writer’s point of view. If both have the same opinion, it lets the readers’ more towards the topic but if they have difference in opinions, it makes readers’ amazed that they are wrong up till now. This is an actual persuasive essay.

Below, a compiled list of top strategies is mentioned to write a persuasive essay. By keeping them in your mind, you are able to write an effective essay. Don’t bother, let’s enjoy the persuasive writing!

Writing a persuasive essay is a two step process: brainstorming and writing.


  • As your purpose is to persuade your audience to your idea, try to be sure to it.
  • Try to identify your target audience; whether you are going to write an essay in examination, in a news paper or online.
  • Think about the topic. Allow yourself adequate time to collect all the facts and figures related to the topic. It’s the brainstorming.
  • Jot down your ideas, opinion, examples, collected facts and figures or any thing come to your mind on paper.
  • Identify the opposing points as well and try to refute them logically. This refutation of opposing views will strengthen the persuasiveness and credibility of your essay.

Now start writing!
After you have completed brainstorming, start writing a well-convincing essay. A good and persuasive essay has three main parts.

An introductory paragraph, should hook the readers’ attention towards your topic. It provides information regarding your opinion to the topic and your idea about controversy, if exists. Your introductory paragraph should end on a clear statement that you are going to discuss in your essay.

Afterwards, body paragraphs support the main theme with relevant statistical analysis, universal truths, facts, evidences, individual or social examples etc.  Concluding paragraph, restate your main idea. Don’t add any new idea in the concluding paragraph. Just summarize the previous detail in order to persuade your reader as much as possible.

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